It Has Only Been Two Week’s

Ink on pastel paper – Words: Helen Keller

Ok, so we are almost half way through January. How are you doing in this new year? How are you doing on your goals, which assumes you set goals? Is your diet or exercise regime still in place, or did one too many donuts or lazy afternoons bump it off your radar? Are you still job hunting, or has that moved onto your ‘to do later’ list? Is your closet on it’s way to being clean, and how about your patience with that annoying person in your world? I have no doubt we all started this new year with ideas, hopes, promises to ourselves and much, much more.

Two weeks in and depending upon how we have performed, we may or may not still be on track to do what we said we wanted to do. Too many bends in the road can make the road to our goal feel a bit more precarious than we bargained for…ugh! These words from Helen Keller remind us that a bend in the road is not the end of the road unless we fail to make the turn. Quite a statement from a woman who was blind, mute and deaf.

Use this post as a reminder that one or two misses, bends, bumps or pitfalls does not make you worthless or your goal unattainable. It means you may have to shift, get back on the road, or recalibrate the what and the how of your journey. Everything worth doing takes time, energy, effort and failure…yes, failure! Nothing worth doing ever comes easy. It takes conscious thought and intentional actions. And it can be tiring to have to exert that much energy to do what you want to do. And yes, you and what you want are worth it…so keep at it. Get up, get going, get back on or off whatever it is you wanted to do and turn with the curves. Take a deep breath and know that you can do it if you just keep pushing forward, no matter the circumstances or slip ups. It has only been two weeks, you can do it!

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