It Just Takes Time

Ink on sketch paper – Words: Jamie Anderson

I spoke to a woman who lost her father, and we chatted about grief. It is a process and not always filled with warm, fuzzy feelings, sometimes it really stinks to have no repository for all the love we want to give and no where to put it.

I spoke to a single person who yearned for the relationship they had not yet experienced. They felt they had so much love to give and no one to accept it. I told them this quote and they suddenly realized they were grieving the person missing in their life to love.

I spoke to someone who worked hard to interview for a new job, and found out they did not get it. They were sad, disappointed and disheartened that all their excitement, passion and energy had no where to go. They were grieving the lost opportunity.

Life forces us to grieve over so many different areas in our life, not just the loss of someone we loved. Today let me encourage you to give yourself the freedom to grieve over whatever it is you are missing or have lost. Remember grief looks like – Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and finally Acceptance.

It is okay to grieve, it is a healthy reaction to changes in our world. It is a cycle, a roller coaster and a process. When we give ourselves the time and energy, and permission to deal with our loss we are stronger for a brighter future. It just takes time to grieve.

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