Jump in and Hold Your Nose!

Ink on ink washed paper – Words: Lady Bird Johnson

Life can be scary, more than we often times care to admit. If we thought about all the things we encounter everyday that could bring us harm, we might never leave our homes. We THINK we are in control, when in reality we are NOT. Getting over that realization is what gives us enough hope and courage to live our daily lives.

Sometimes the courage to live beyond our current life means getting excited, enthralled, enthused and even laser focused on something. It is the idea that keeps you up at night, the thought you cannot escape. The idea that nags away at your focus until it becomes the center of everything. The problem you have to solve, or the solution that flashes through your dreams so much so that you wake up and write it down so as not to lose it. We have all had these moments, these somethings in our lives that have propelled us forward without us even checking that we are headed in the right direction. No plan, little or no experience, or a project so big it keeps us thinking even when we are thinking about something else.

I think Lady Bird Johnson is right. When we have these somethings in our life, nothing else matters. We forget about fear, tap into our inner courage, our work ethic and become consumed with getting it done. It is a fabulous time, an exhausting time, and a time that changes our world and us for the better. We learn, push, grow and come out on the other side a stronger version of ourselves. And isn’t that what courage is all about, leaving our fears behind even if it because we are so wrapped up in something that we forget to be fearful? How marvelous!

I wish for you marvelously huge ideas, tasks beyond your current skills, and ideas that keep you up at night. For these opportunities do not always come across our path, and too often we let life get in the way. Next time I hope you will jump into the deep end with glee and hold your nose!

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