Anything is possible!

Ink on Pastel Paper

This is the first week and another year of fifty weeks of calligraphy. I am again participating in the Scribbled Lives group, and our prompt for week one was “clean slate”. No pictures, drawings, only lettering. I thought about actually finding a piece of slate to utilize, that didn’t work out. So I defaulted to paper and wrote down many synonyms for ‘clean’ as I could fit into one square.

There is something about a clean slate, a black piece of paper, or even an empty blog page that helps us imagine the possibilities. The options are endless. At the same time the dread, fear, and work can feel daunting. That blank page requires that we fill it with something, anything, we just cannot leave it blank. Ugh!

What space are you utilizing this year to start fresh? Is it your desk, did you rearrange, clean up, clear out, or is that all yet to be done? Do you look forward to clean and new, or do you prefer things to stay the way they are? Whichever way you operate, be sure to do it with your full gusto and passion. That bank page will not wait forever, so get busy, get working, and remember that yesterday and all your mistakes, missed steps, flub ups and foibles are behind you. The clean page that tomorrow holds means that anything is possible!

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