Be Ready for that New Adventure to Begin

Sumi Ink on Marbled Paper – Words: Norman Vincent Peale

What do you think about when you think of someone who is bold? Are they loud, courageous, fearless, and maybe also a bit annoying? Is that person someone who speaks up all the time, expresses their opinions freely, and maybe they are someone we admire because they are bold? They do things that press them beyond their current place and moves them ahead without covering all the angles. They jump with both feet not even knowing if there is a place to land.

Wow! That sounds amazing and frightening at the same time. People who are bold are choosing to be that way, even when it goes against everything they are inside. Their idea, passion, mission or even their simple task gives them the courage to step up and step out. They somehow focus on where they are going pushing caution and fear aside. They prepare themselves mentally at the same time they are physically making things happen.

This quote from Norman Vincent Peale encourages us to engage our mind as it is an incredible resource for boldness. When we have the mental resources to be bold – step up with courage, leave our fears behind, and ‘feel’ powerful – we can do almost anything! Sure mistakes will be made, there is no doubt about that. Instead of seeing those mistakes as setbacks or signs of our own incompetence, look at them as stepping stones and experiences that help us get bolder faster!

To have the life we want, we have to take risks, be bold, move forward without worrying about every little circumstance that might come our way. We must engage our thinking instead of feeding our fears. We have to become comfortable with not knowing every little thing or being completely certain about how it will all work out. Bold means taking risks, being confident, all sprinkled with a strong does of courage.

So today let us move forward with boldness, strength, and courage. Take a deep breath and put your first foot forward. Put it beyond where you are right now and do that new thing, the different thing, that scary thing…just do it! Be bold! Be courageous! And be ready for a new adventure to begin.

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