Find a Bit of Joy

Glitter ink on Mystery Paper – Words: Anonymous

Sometimes the only exercise we get is jumping to conclusions. What not change that and jump for joy? Get excited about things. Big things, small things, the things we take for granted everyday. Running water, a warm, safe bed. Multiple meals each day, something to do, somewhere to go. People who care about us and people we can serve. These may all seem like mundane elements of life, yet those who do not have them would tell you how their life existence is changed because of their lack.

Some seasons in life it is easier to jump for joy than others. Positive life events – weddings, graduations, births, new houses, new jobs. All sorts of pluses in life. What about feeling better? Not having any pain? Or being able to give back to someone who has meant a great deal in your life? Or simply enjoying a day, week, month where time goes by and not much happens. It may seem boring and yet it is a great gift. Drama is not what makes life better or brings substance and value to our life.

Some seasons in life it is harder to jump for joy. When people are sick, people die, people lose their home or job, or even leave their family behind for unintelligible reasons. Life doesn’t always make sense, and it doesn’t always make us want to feel joyful. That is perfectly normal and okay. Life is not about the perfect photos we can post online for the world to see our fabulous existence. Life is about playing the cards we are dealt each and every morning. Getting up, getting moving, even getting out to give to those around us. And sometimes we are the one who needs to receive graciously what others have to give. Life is about giving and receiving, and maybe right now in your world it is time for you to be open to receiving love, friendship and comfort from others. The time will come when you will have more love to give, just be patient.

However you are experiencing this end of the year season of life, let yourself be in that space and be grateful. Time will change things for the better or the worse, all we have to do is wait long enough and things will change. If you can, if you feel that joy well up inside you – give it a little jump! Let your body demonstrate what your emotions are delivering. And if you don’t want to jump, that’s okay too. Life is a journey not a destination or an online post…jump when you can, while you can. And if not today then maybe another day in the future. Either way, be grateful for where you are and find a bit of joy.

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