Make It a BIG, Whopping Doozy!

Ink on scrap paper – Words: Billy Jean King

If you’re going to make a mistake, make a doozy! When was the last time someone told you that? Fail big, huge…make it a doozy! I love it. Especially as someone who takes risk and is about to take a big one (more about that later this week!) Just as we want to succeed BIG, we need to be willing to fail BIG! We spend a lot of time thinking about how to succeed, and usually not much time about how we might fail.

Failure brings us power. It rips away our fears because they have come true. Now what? We failed, we are humiliated, and now we have to figure out how to recover and get back to forward motion. My best life lessons have been big, fat honkingly huge failures. I will never forget them AND I work hard to make sure they never happen again. Wisdom comes when we perform poorly and want to make sure that never happens again. We can only control two things – our actions and our attitude. When we work hard to control those two things we can build our way out of the failure, wiser, smarter and more able to see future pitfalls to avoid.

So let us take Billy Jean King’s words of wisdom into our future ideas and fail huge! Give it our all and end up face down in the mud wondering what happened. No one wants that to happen, no one plans to fail. However failure happens. So let’s us it to our advantage. Think about lessons learned and write them down, process through them all – the good, the bad and the ugly elements – and work so they do not happen again. Share your lessons with others, no ego involved, and let them contribute. Greatness never comes easy, so be humble and honest and listen. People will tell you the truth if they know you are willing to help things change.

Go out a make a big, fat doozy mistake…then learn and grow and succeed!

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