The Sun Will Shine Again

Ink on watercolor paper

It is a rainy, nasty, foggy morning here in Georgia. Not a smidge of sunshine anywhere in sight. No matter, we can still have sunshine in our hearts and minds. I created this piece using stencils and watercolor markers I bought in Kyoto. The markers have since been discontinued by the manufacturer, so I savor each stroke and color option. I knew I had to do something related to sunshine as we have not seen it much in the past few weeks. It shows. People are getting a bit cranky and with Christmas just around the corner it seems a sad state of things.

So sunshine it is! Today is one of those days when we have to choose to feel like sunshine as Mother Nature is not providing any for us to enjoy in the great outdoors. Some days are harder than others to put on a happy face, to choose to be joyful and sunny. As I see it, making the choice to savor the things we have instead of focusing on the things we are without makes the day – for everyone we meet – a bit better. Have no doubt that people pick up pretty quickly on our attitude, our thoughts, and all that we are putting into the world today. They get it, even if we do not realize it. They know when we are unhappy, upset, down, or even disenchanted. No matter how hard we try, we cannot hide our true selves or our emotions. Not that we need to, yet when we are emoting sadness, negativity, anger or fear it impacts those around us. We may feel that way, do we really want to infect others with it?

It is a tough call, being yourself out there amongst those who may not understand. People may not really care to know everything about how we are feeling. They can ‘see’ it but may not know how to handle it. I mean c’mon, we are not really sure how to handle it most days. So we have to choose. Which may mean taking a deep breath, filling our thoughts with good things, kind things, sunny things, in order to make it through today. In order to keep it together so we can keep moving. Forward motion is the goal, right? So take in a deep breath and think good thoughts.

Today is the day when a sunny thought may be all that keeps you from bursting into tears over whatever is going on in your world. That’s okay. Remember not everyone you meet wants or needs to know your inner struggles or personal challenges. It is the old fake it until you make it – fake feeling better until you wake up and one day you actually do feel better. Give yourself time, sunshine filled thoughts, deep breaths and forward motion. It will get better, and one day the sun will shine again…hang in there!

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