The Warm and the Cold

Ink on black mixed media paper

For week forty-nine in our fifty week calligraphy challenge, our prompt was December. Anything to do with that month. I tried six other ideas before I landed on the thing I wish we had, snow. Not a torrential dumping just a light dusting, just to see it. It is the one thing I miss about living in the South, snow this time of year.

I have chosen to live in the South, and I really enjoy it. The weather, the people, a more relaxed environment and friendly neighbors. We live in a rural area, a little slower, quiet and very peaceful. As we all know, our choices have consequences and for mine that means very little snow. Not a big deal until the end of December, that is when I miss cold weather to help bring in more Christmas spirit.

Part of being an adult means living with all the sides of our choices. the good, the bad and the things we miss. It doesn’t mean our choices were wrong or bad because we miss things, it reminds us that no one has it all. Everyone has to make choices. Life is not about getting everything you want, it is about wanting everything you have. Loving the life we live and accepting all our blessings no matter how warm or cold they make us feel.

Take time today to give thanks for your blessings.

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