Give It a Whirl

For week forty-eight in our fifty week calligraphy challenge we were asked to design some wrapping paper. I am making several gifts this year, and wanted to include some festive dressings…so here was my attempt. Due to the nature of rice paper the ink spread a great deal, which turned out kinds cool. Once I use it to wrap something we will see how it holds up.

When was the last time you did something unconventional? Shouted from a roof top – literally shouted at the top of your lungs? You screamed until you had no more energy to scream. Maybe you doodled, scribbled, sang a silly song or here’s a wild one, did not make your bed for a week? Living life outside the lines we have created for ourselves feels good. We all need to let loose and do something we do not normally do…like make your own gift wrap.

For your holiday season why not let go, have some silly fun and be creative? What’s stopping you? The best gifts I have ever given were the ones where I had fun finding, making or somehow presenting them in a fresh new way. Maybe you need to do that this year? Maybe your days will be merry and bright simply by setting aside the ‘traditional’ way of doing things and letting your imagination run wild. No judgement, no reservations, simply creativity from you to the receiver. It could start a tradition where fun overrides the need to spend money. Giving of your own ideas means more than any amount your wallet could afford. Give it a whirl…and have yourself a happy new year!

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