It Takes Guts

Ink on Blue toned paper – Words: T.S. Eliot

We all have circumstances in which we operate our lives. Financial, familial, mental, physical, spiritual even environmental. They are the circumstances in which we live our lives each and every day. That being said, it does not mean we are victims of our circumstances. We have choices and options, and it is then up to us to exercise those options to make the world the way we want to live. Not all of us are ready to make those choices.

These words from T.S. Eliot remind us of the reality when we choose not to make choices. We become hostages to the terms our life is operated within, not choosing in essence means we go along willingly. We give up our right to complain as we have chosen to along with whatever we are dealt. We all know these people, the ones who like to complain and be victims all the time knowing that a few well played choices could change everything. They are not ready or willing to make those choices, so they live their life as a victim to their circumstances.

Then are those who have thrived by choosing to live life on their own terms. They have made severe choices – homelessness, leaving family behind, moving to another country, or even changing their life mid stream – all in order to life the life they want on their own terms. They no longer want to be victims, settle for, or live in the place where they are expected to live or pursue the subject they have been on the path to study. They made a change, maybe even a drastic one, in order to live the life they want not just the life they were born into. These are the WOW people. The ones that tell us their story, their reasons and when we listen carefully they inspire us to make different choices about our own world. They impose their own ideas and make them happen, it may take a while yet they are happily pursuing that which they want to do in order to live the way they want to live.

So which one are you? The person who lives as it has always been intended for them? Or have you chosen to live life on your own terms, making changes and shaping your life into the one you have always wanted? Maybe you are somewhere in between, only you can judge that for yourself. Be honest enough with yourself to admit whichever way it is, and change that course if you KNOW that you want more. It takes guts, and it is well worth it. Life is too short and too important to just go along with the cards we are dealt.

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