The Roller Coaster that is Grief

Ink on Sketch paper

It has been a roller coaster ride over the past few months to say the least. Losing a parent, a loved one, anyone who has been an important part of our lives is like riding up and down, around and through all the stages of grief.

My husband I collaborated on this one. He drew his fun cartoon characters and I did the lettering. Everyone who sees this page understands the adventure and adversities that are experienced as we grow and live beyond a loss, and those who have lost someone always say, “Exactly!”

Grief is tough. It’s a rotten process and yet a necessary one for us to move towards healing and live a life without our loved one in it. the five stages feel like highs and lows all the way with twists and turns we never anticipate with little skill to always handle it well. But we keep moving forward, take it one day at a time and we live each day knowing it will eventually get better.

So when life feels like a roller coaster on your end of things, know you are not riding alone. The ride will eventually end and you will get off and regain your balance.

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