Be a Goldfish

Ink on handmade paper – Words:Ted Lasso

For week forty-five in our fifty week calligraphy challenge the prompt was Ted Lasso. Holy cow how I love this show! We were given famous lines from season one and two and asked to choose one to letter. I could not help but do this one…let me explain.

Ted is coaching a soccer team, during practice one player blocks and knocks down another player. It was a dirty move to pull on your own teammate. Ted saw it, pulled the guy who got knocked down aside and had this conversation with him. It is a great reminder to us all that our happiness is largely based on being able to forget how people have treated us.

It also reminds us of the importance of acknowledging things, dealing with them right there and then…and moving on. So today let me encourage you to be a goldfish.

Only five weeks left in this challenge, my how time has flown…stay tuned. More fun lettering to follow!

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