Take Your Today Seriously

Watercolor on Handmade Paper – A Haiku

It is week forty-four in our fifty week challenge, and the prompt was Haiku. Writer our own, use a famous one, or do something else involving a haiku. I had to remind myself what a haiku was – five syllables on the first line, seven syllables on the second line, five syllables again on the third line. I had blown leaves as I do each day this time of year, and was struck by the sunset behind our trees. I used watercolor to try and mimic the lighting…not a great version, but you get the idea. I wrote the following haiku:

Dry leaves are falling
Covering the sleeping earth
Fall is upon us

The earth is preparing itself for a long Winter’s nap. Everything seems to be getting ready for a big sleep, and doesn’t that sound nice! Some days once you get all the stuff done, a nap is the perfect way to round out the day. And to make the rest peaceful you have got to take care of your business – home business, work business, family business, chore business. Whatever it is that constitutes your ‘business’ get it done. Figure it out. Stop procrastinating, whining, or moaning…get it done! That nap will be so much more satisfying when you can rest knowing that your business is done for the day.

Each day is a gift. Each day is a new chance to do what you want to do. Each day is our opportunity to be active, happy, healthy and filled with joy. And none of us are promised tomorrow, so take your today seriously and do what you need to do…then go take that nap!

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