Try Again Tomorrow

Ink on Sketch paper – Words: Mary Ann Magruder

Strange idea. This page from my 5 Stages of Grief Journal is about courage. The quotes reads as follows:

Courage doesn’t always roar…sometimes it is the little voice at the end of the day that says I will try again tomorrow.

-Mary Ann Magruder

I utilized this quote in conjunction with a strange tool. As my Dad started to wain in his last days in Hospice, we began giving him morphine, a sobering moment for us all. After he passed I took the morphine dispenser, filled it with black ink and splattered the pages. I then refilled it with blue ink and drew the messy circle. I let it dry for several days and found thIs quote on courage which is a perfect match to how we all felt during this process.

Life has a way of throwing us around a bit, juggling our senses and emotions or even leaving us feeling a bit muddled. Those are the days when we need to be reminded that courage doesn’t always roar, sometimes it quietly goes to sleep to try again tomorrow. And that is the best we can do, try again tomorrow.

Sometimes that is the best way to end a tough day. Be glad the day is over and rest, release it all, and get up to try again tomorrow. Not all days are going to be good days, exciting days, or even productive days. Sometimes a day is just one we survive AND hope to put in the past and try again the next day. Maybe that is the kind of day you have had recently. Let me tell you, that’s okay. A day above ground is a good day, even if is it just a day. Being able to go to sleep with the hope that tomorrow will be better is a powerful thing. Being able to let go and try again, THAT takes great courage.

Takes a deep breath, let it out slowly, and know that tomorrow is another chance to do what it is you need to do. Try again tomorrow.

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