Row Away from the Rocks!

Ink on Pastel Paper – Indian Proverb

I loved this proverb, it made me smile. It reminds us that God is a powerful force in our lives AND that we have to row our boat in the right direction using common sense. If we don’t want our life to crash, row away from the rocks. If we do not want our relationships to fail, talk it through and after listening to understand row away from the rocks. If we want our work to progress and grow, learn the lessons, then steer clear of the rocks. It sounds silly and yet it is brilliant!

We are not helpless in this life, we are not victims, we are participants. We have choices, free will, options, and opportunities to make our world what we want. Our faith in God is a pillar we build our lives upon, one which guides and transforms us for the better each time we employ it. While standing on our pillar of faith we have to make choices and decisions based on what we profess to believe.

If we do not choose we in essence are choosing to be victims and powerless over our life. When we give up, or expect God to handle it all without our participation, then we have chosen to let the chips fall where they may. Faith and living our lives in faith means thinking, praying, choosing and then living out every day on what we believe. God gave us free will and choices and is is our responsibility to exercise our options.

So get out there, make your choices, then row away from the rocks. Put your faith and common sense together to move your boat in the direction you want your life to travel. God will never leave you alone, will never give you more than you can bear, and has given us all free will…which in terms of this Indian proverb means grabbing the paddles and rowing far, fast and in the opportune direction of the rocks!

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