Welcome to Tuesday!

Ink on Deli Paper – Words: J.G. Holland

As I checked my email this morning, I realized this posted before I hit save…welcome to Tuesday! I said a few choice words and jumped madly into the tool to update the post. With all that is happening on my end things have gotten a bit jumbled some days, this week that just seems to be Tuesday.

When I read this quote I liked the reminder that God provides, and also expects us to be part of the equation not just sit in our nest and wait for the food to be thrown our way. Hard work is not always a sexy concept. It isn’t popular on Facebook or Instagram, and you rarely if ever see a post about how much people sweat doing boring, daily, life maintaining chores. And yet we all have to get out of our nest and do the work. In order for things to happen in our lives, we have to do the maintenance that our life requires. Cleaning, paying bills, earning the money to pay those bills, and personal care items that make sure we are taking care of ourselves. Not especially exiting things, just things that have to happen in order for our lives to continue.

I often hear people talk about their work load. Too many emails, too many texts…funny thing…this is not the actual work, it is the communication between people about the work, in and of itself it is not actually getting work done. Measuring our value or work effort by how many emails we get may be more of a humble brag intended to measure our importance; or it may be more of a measure of our inability to say no. (Did I say that out loud?)

Somewhere, someone has to do some work in order for things to happen. It may be physical labor, organizing shelves, cleaning out cabinets, writing, reading, reviewing, training, or even changing processes. Someone has to do those things in order for life to grow and change. If we sit home, have everything delivered, wait for people to tell us what to do, or even post online with the idea that we are “working” we may find ourselves a bit unprepared and eventually hungry because we failed to get out of our nest and gather the food.

As someone who failed to hit save and posted only an image, I too am reminded that some where along our day we have to do the work and do it right. We have to pay attention to our world and do the work to make our world work the way we want it to. So Welcome to Tuesday…time to get busy and get that work done!

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