Inktober Day 23: How We Make Them Feel

Gel Pen on Pastel Paper – Lyrics: Denice Williams

It is one of those montage songs played during a movie to move the plot along quickly. Multiple scenes are spliced together to the beat of the music as the audience watches time pass, plot lines advance and experiences grow. Little do they know that the tune – this tune – will get Best Performance in 1984 for Deniece Williams. She was relatively unknown, not anymore. It was one of the many break out hits from the movie Footloose, and it makes audiences still want to dance almost forty years later.

I enjoy listening to music that makes me feel good, that makes we want to sing along and tap my feet. What a great gift to be able to sing words that makes people feel energetic and better about whatever is happening in their world. Today we worked outside and my brother played classic rock. We were all doing various things around the house, and at one time or another we all sang along with the tunes. What a fine way to unite a group without having to get everyone doing the same thing, and yet we all ended up doing the same thing. We sang along, we reminisced about when we heard the tunes from our youth, and they made our work easier, better, more fun. We talked about the music and our tasks went by quickly and with more energy. All of that from a few popular tunes.

I have spent this month of October highlighting music written and performed by women. Many have been some of my favorites, and many were oldies, and still others were popular and I had to remind myself about their origin. I have listened to each one, sang along with many, and enjoyed the memories each tune recalled. I was encouraged and astounded at how they all made me feel.

People will forget what we said, and they will forget what we did. They will always remember how we made them feel. Let these lyrics and each song for the rest of the month remind us that how we make people feel endures…which means we must use our power wisely to make them feel better that they did before they met us.

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