Inktober Day 22: Just Be There for Them

Ink on mystery paper – Lyrics: Dolly Parton

Life has it’s ups and downs, we all know and have experienced that. Somehow it all goes better when you know there is someone by your side. Someone who has your back. Someone who understands you enough to know when to talk, when to be quiet, when to push you to do better and when to just give you a hug. Today I give thanks for those people in my own life.

I would encourage you to think about who those people are in your own world. It may be family, friends, neighbors, or someone you were able to help first and now they have your back. My hope for you as you read this is that someone or multiple someones come to mind and make you smile. Each of us needs someone who makes us better than we are alone. If you have that someone let them know how much they mean to you. Thank them, hug them, and just be there for them today.

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