Inktober Day 13: ROAR!

Paper Scraps & Ink – Lyrics: Katy Perry

I have a friend who makes paper, then creates books from her handmade papers. In making books there are lots of corner pieces to be cut, so she sends me her remnants. I was struggling with which song to write for today and then I saw the little envelope of paper triangles from my friends book making. The triangles made me think of a lion’s mane, which meant this song by Katy Perry. Roar!

Katy Perry writes about staying quiet, being polite, holding her tongue. Not wanting to rock the boat or anything. Then she realizes that her options and thoughts are really being held down and she can’t keep quiet anymore…suddenly she knows she needs to ROAR! This is a powerful song, so powerful that Katy Perry rode into her Super Bowl Half Time Show riding a two story mechanical lion while singing these words.

There is a time and place for expressing our opinions. There is a method and vehicle for giving or sharing our thoughts. And there is a time to be silent, listen and hear what others are saying. And there is a time to speak up, scream, shout and NOT let your voice be silenced. There is a time to learn that our options matter and being silent helps no one, including ourselves. So we have to speak up, maybe even roar in order for people to listen and understand. And we have to be willing to handle the reactions to our roars…which may mean others find their own voice as well. Roaring is not just our gift, it is the gift we give others by helping them find the way they want to express themselves.

Once you know your own thoughts, never be afraid to roar them out for everyone to hear. Open dialogue and sharing our ideas is what makes he world a better place for everyone.

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