For Someone Who Needs it Today

Mixed Media on Sketch Paper – Words: Arabic Proverb

This is yet another page from my 5 Stages of Grief Journal. I wanted to acknowledge all the things I am grateful for during this time of mourning. I am slowly building the page by filling it with words and phrases, lyrics and poverty about being grateful. I found this Arabic Quote that reads as follows:

Gratitude take three forms: a feeling in the heart, an expression in words, and a giving in return.

-Arabic Proverb

As I read these words I was reminded of the many times, situations and people who have shown kindness and generosity to all of us over the years. We have all been the recipients of or the source of things that make people grateful for their day, their skills, their circumstances, or even their choices. Sometimes it takes a conscious effort to be grateful, sometimes it comes naturally. However we do it, let us be reminded that words of thanks, words of encouragement or praise, the way we make people feel and giving back make all the ups and downs of life’s journey that much better.

In your own life, think of a time when someone made you grateful for who you are, what you do, or how you helped them. I meant it….take a moment….

Ok, can you see their face? Do you remember how their kindness made your day better, your situations bearable, your your mistake less painful, or your life change understandable? Their words, actions, hugs made that moment in your life one you remember.

I am going to ask you to do that for someone else today. Give from yourself or your resources – knowledge, experience, expertise, funds, spaces, even your basic skills – and make their world a bit better. We NEVER know what people are going through, NEVER! One simple act of kindness, generosity, or simply sitting to listen can make all the difference in how their day proceeds. Why not take a moment in your busy day and do that for someone else…pay back the kindness you received to someone who needs it today.

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