Say or Do It with Kindness

Ink on Handmade Paper – Words: Mother Teresa

For week thirty-seven in our fifty week calligraphy challenge we were asked to review Herman Killian’s work. He was a calligrapher and artist and invented many new ways of using tools. I created this one with a ruling pen. I added the quote from Mother Teresa to thank everyone for their kind words this week.

When you wonder if you should do something, remember kindness matters. When you are not sure what to say, kindness matters. It doesn’t have to be the perfect words, or deeds, the perfect thought or comment, the most important part is that you said or did it with kindness. And it is the kindness that will matter in the long term not the gift, or action or words. AS Mother Teresa reminds us here, kindness has an echo that is endless.

When in doubt, say or do whatever it is with kindness. In all that we deal with in life everything we experience that is mixed with kindness is what truly makes our world a better place to live.

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