Keep Up the Hard Work

Ink on Gel Printer Paper Scraps – Words: George Matthew Adams

As part of the creative process there are always leftovers, scrap pages and remnants from projects. They sit in piles or bins and wait to be released into the wild that is a piece of art. These scraps were created when I cleaned my rollers and stamps during gel print projects. I have a cheap notebook I use to clear the inks by stamping, scraping or pulling the ink from the tool onto the pages. It looks messy, until you zoom in a little closer and can “see” the hidden gems of color combinations. My friend Laurel taught me to never throw away those pages, they hold future gold! And she was right!!!

I liked this quote for these scraps as they seem to compliment each other well. Between the hunt, the strive and the sacrifice all good things in life take time and effort to achieve. That can be hard when all we want is the goal, when in reality all goals take time, effort and energy to reach. If we have achieved anything in our lives, we know it takes work and time. Add patience to those two and we have the recipe to achieve anything.

The problems and frustrations of life arise when one of those three – time, work, patience – wears thin or fails to show up at all. The ups and downs of life have the power to knock us out of the game for a while, and that’s okay. When the tough times leave we re-engage and get back to work. We gear up and get going, use our time and patience to reach our goal.

So what are you on the hunt for, striving for, working with sacrifice to achieve? Let me encourage you with this reminder that all your efforts will bear fruit, even if they take longer than you expected, Keep hunting, keep striving, and keep sacrificing for your goals. Keep up the hard work!

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