Face it And Change

Ink on Watercolor Paper – Words: Winston Churchill

When we learn the lessons from our past, we have in our hands the power to do much more moving forward. I spoke with someone today about a career failure that happened many years ago. To this day they still regretted their actions and had trouble seeing the lesson to be learned. They then told me that they still seem to be repeating that same mistake over and over again because they failed to apply the learning from the first time.

The past provides a perfect platform for learning. It doesn’t change, it never goes away, and we have time to process through everything that happened over and over again. We can look at it from different view points and see how our actions or inaction caused problems or made a situation worse. We can also see where we did things well, learn why that was and work to incorporate those good things into our life moving forward.

The future and the past each play a part in our ability to mature, learn and grow wiser. It is when we fail to see and learn from the past that we miss a great opportunity to grow in our future. What lesson do you need to learn from your past? What nags at your thoughts or habits because you still don’t want to change or grow and learn that lesson? And what could be better, stronger more productive in your future if you simply faced your past missteps and changed?

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