Make a Move for the Better

Ink on Gel Printed Paper – Words: Katherine Mansfield

Risk, not just to win or gain, risk to become a better version of yourself. Taking a risk for each of us is a different path, a different choice, a different barrier to overcome. It may be health related, financial, social, relationship based, or even making better choices – whatever a risk is in your world, what is preventing you from taking that risk? You know, the one that is out there and you keep avoiding it by making excuses that you believe. Those excuses – or lies we tell ourselves – are what holds us back.

How would your world be different if you stopped listening to THOSE people and only valued the voices that lifted you up? How would your life change is you dared to believe that you COULD do that thing, do it well and make that change work? How would you feel about yourself? When we are confident and feel good about who we are and what we are doing everyone around us feels it too. We exude good things and that joy, that vibrancy infects others to want to risk as well.

Risk is scary, it means facing the unknown. It means daring to believe that by doing something different our world would improve. And what if we are pretty happy with our life the way it is? That’s cool. That’s a great way to feel. I always ask my coaching clients who would be encouraged, inspired or impacted by you taking a risk to be better than you are today? Sometimes risks are not for big impact, they are for small solidifications of who we are into a stronger, better version. People are watching us and our action spurs them on to action. One small move or risk on our part may improve us AND encourage someone in our life to do the same in their world. If we look back in our own lives, someone encouraged us to act by acting themselves. Maybe it is our time to reciprocate that gift by doing it ourselves.

Let today be the day you take that risk and make a move for the better. Small steps yield big results, we just have to be willing to take that first small step.

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