“And” Watch Amazing Things Happen

Ink on Pastel Paper – Words: Arthur Eddington

We are the most educated country in the world. We value knowledge, degrees, certifications, expertise and experience. We think that because someone has this degree and that experience they are the right person for the job. What we forget is that there is a lot of difference between right person for the job and the right person. Like this quote reminds us, we need to learn a great deal more about “and”.

One and one makes two, we all know that. What we forget to think about is what holds that truth together. Is it pure math, science, the laws of nature or is it something else? There is the possibility that everything works because of “and”. Those three little letters have the power to bridge great divides, conquer global problems, or even heal wounds. “And” means we understand that none of us is a success on our own, we need other people to make things happen. And to make things happen with other people we need to understand the and between us.

What do we have in common? What talents do we have that compliment each other such that we can do almost anything? What things are missing between us which means we have to keep looking for another person, and another “and”. And what do we need to earn, what pieces need to be connected in order for us to move forward in leaps and bounds? It boils down to connecting the right people, the right ideas, the right tools with those three little letters “and”.

Think about the “and”s in your life. The ones that have made you better, stronger, wiser, more yourself and less selfish. What “and”s do you need to continue or end in order to keep moving forward? And what “and” are you still wanting to complete? There is power is working with and for others…tap into that power and watch amazing things happen.

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