Draw the Line

Ink on Pastel Paper – Words: A.K. Chesterton

We all have things we will do and won’t do. We have deal breakers, things we cannot live with and we have grey areas, things we are not totally in support of yet able to live with. We have figured these things about about ourselves as we encounter situations and people who hit these hot spots.

Whether we like it or not, we will have to draw the line one day. It may not be the day we want or the line we would choose, and yet if we do not stand up, speak up, hold firm we are later going to struggle for a very long time. Standing up for who we are and what we believe means being able to do it even when we are in the minority, when we are the one being pushed around, or when we know that wrong does not win over right. Standing up for ourselves does not mean we have to be rude, or unkind, or even diminish someone else. It means being true to who we are and allowing other people to do the same without either one being less than. Easily said, hard to do depending upon the persons involved.

Life is about choosing, who we are, what we believe and how we are willing to stand by both of those things. Once we give in, the line will keep moving and we can expect to lose more ground each and every day. And once we lose our self respect then how can we expect anyone else to respect us? We must live the example in how we draw the line, the example we want others to understand. It isn’t a win lose, it is more about understanding, kindness and tolerance for people who think and behave differently that we do. We may not understand them and they may not understand us, so it is up to us to educate them on who we are and where we stand so we can figure out how to live and work together.

Have the courage today to draw the line for what you are, who you are and what you believe. Once you know where that line is others will better understand how to live and work with you in harmony. They do not have to like us, they do have to respect us and our work…both of which have to be earned. Draw that line and start respecting yourself so others can do the same.

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