Do You know you?

Ink on Black Card Stock – Words: Tegan and Sara

When was the last time you met someone new? Someone you had never spoken to before? When was the last time you walked into a group setting in which you knew you had to get things done, only to realize that you didn’t really know anyone there? How do you then introduce yourself, tell people about yourself, let them know who you are in only a couple sentences? And how do you begin to build credibility within a few minutes?

We could all walk around wearing big signs listing our demographics, our likes and dislikes, foods we love and loathe, or even our political leanings. Not a good idea as we are more than those things, we are a complete person who has intricate elements that work together to compile the person we are today. Not everyone who hates coconut will become best friends or allies at work. Not everyone who voted a certain way will instantly be drinking buddies. Those things tell about us, yet they do not really touch who we are inside.

Maybe a better sign would be one listing our struggles – financially strapped, self image challenged, too shy to speak up in groups, or even struggling with a major health issue. The problem is that this sign only shares our weaknesses which leaves the impression that weakness is our sole focus AND more than we can handle. I don’t think anyone wants to carry a sign big enough to describe all the intricacies of who they are and how to best get and keep our attention. So how do we ever get anything done?

We get things done by wanting to know people and by letting them get to know us. We share openly, engage in meaningful conversations, we spend time together and we willingly let people into our lives. When we like ourselves this is a simpler process, when we struggle with our own self it is hard to let people know the real us. Therefore, before we invest in knowing people we need to first invest in knowing ourselves. Facing our own truths, our demons, our strengths and weaknesses help us know ourselves AND open the door for others to know us as well. Have you met you? Do you like you? It’s a great way to start as it gives you a wonderful perspective and a starting point for knowing others.

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