The Defeat of Habit by Originality

Opaque Inks on Black Card Stock – Words: George Lois

Creativity can solve almost any problem – no kidding! If you have ever been in a tough spot you know that thinking differently, calmly and creatively is the best way to get out of that space. I love the phrase the defeat of habit by originality. It too reminds us that just because we have always done it that way, just because we are comfortable in our habits, does not mean that our comfort will help us this time around. Maybe it is time to sprinkle in a little originality.

We all have habits, things that work in our lives that help us manage what can sometimes feel unmanageable. Bedtimes, eating habits, the way we approach problems, even how we get ready in the morning. These habits allow us to turn off our brain because repetition and muscle memory kick right into great. Like when you are driving home with your head full of thoughts, then suddenly you arrive and cannot remember any of the ride that got you there. Amazing and scary at the same time. If we live our lives too much within our habits we are missing WAY more than we think.

I had a mentor who recommended changing your ride to work every once in a while, to see what you are missing AND to keep your head in the game. New turns, new scenery and different attractions engage our brains. Suddenly we see things we hadn’t notice before, we experience changed surroundings and our habit of driving to work the same old ways is broken. Ideas are brushed off or refreshed and the way we look at things is slightly altered. It is a simple way to get our of our rut, to prevent us from become ing stake or complacent.

So what area of your life needs a little originality? Maybe you’re bored, still like what’s going on in your life, just bored. Try driving a new way, rearrange your bedroom, paint a room, or eat lunch in a new place. Try something new, different, it doesn’t’ have to be dazzling, just something other than what you normally do. Give your brain and spirit a chance to rest and get out of their rut, to create new pathways which lead to new ideas. You never know how good it can feel unless you give it a try.

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