Knowing is More Important than Having

Ink on pastel paper – Words: Anonymous

Buying gifts for people can be tough, especially if you do not interact with them on a regular basis. What do they want? What do they need? Anything special they REALLY like, or want to experience, or have always wanted to try? When I read this quote I was reminded that giving a gift is not about me, it is about them. Just knowing that you are thinking of them, wanted to give them something special AND gave it with no strings attached, that is a wonderful gift.

At times, I have not known what to give, so I gave the gift of service. I had a single guy friend who moved into his first house. He had no clue how to set up a kitchen, or a laundry room, or a guest room. So a friend and I set up his house as his housewarming gift. He was grateful beyond belief! He didn’t care about any of that, yet he know this family visiting him would. So our gift of time and experience was the best thing we could give that new home owner. It also prevented arguments with his mother and sister when they came to visit that next month, as we know those happen when relatives come to town.

I also thought about gifts that we give for no special reason, simply to give. Be it extra funds that we have and give to a needy family. Clothes we no longer wear that someone else will be able to enjoy. Giving our surplus tools to newlyweds who are in their first home, or even taking someone to dinner and listening to them tell us their woes. Time, energy, excess, surplus, these are all gifts from ourselves that help others figure out themselves. And these gifts have the power to knock down walls, build solid foundations, and meet a need that someone may be too embarrassed to share.

When we give of ourselves and our resources, not just give stuff, we connect directly to those we know and love. Building a relationship on gifts of service and kindness lasts longer than anything you might buy at a store. Knowing is more important than having, and the gifts we give let people know where our heart truly lies.

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