Life is Happening

Ink on card stock – Words: Louis L’Amour

Life is made up of beginnings and endings. When one adventure concludes another one begins. The beginnings can be the fun part. They are exciting, something to look forward to, something to plan for, and they give us the opportunity to start something new. After a while, that new beginning becomes part of our daily fare. What was once new becomes regular, which can feel normal and maybe a bit boring.

Eventually that new thing, which is now a regular thing, becomes a normal part of things. And depending upon how long that thing was meant to last, there may eventually be an ending. It is done, it has served it’s purpose and now we fondly remember those new, exciting days, give thanks for the gift that thing brought, and face the days without beginnings. Unless, that is all we face. Because there may be a point in life where beginnings are all we face, everything is new as we are in an entirely new phase of our lives.

Sometimes that transition between the ending and the new beginning can feel mournful, sad, and a little unsettling. If we enjoyed all those beginnings and what they brought to our world, seeing them end, seeing things change can feel like a loss. Or…seeing what we knew would end can feel like an exciting beginning. A time to reinvent, change and grow beyond the world we have known.

The unknown has unlimited possibilities if we only choose to see it that way. Be it a cross country move, a job change, a life change or all that and more, making our own beginnings means we dare to hope that the future will be better and even more exciting than our past. It means we still have life to live, adventures to begin and things we want to accomplish. And it means that we have not given up or given in, we are looking forward to giving again! No matter how that makes us feel – scared, sad, unsettled, excited, hopeful – creating a new part of our lives is a VERY good thing. It takes energy, focus, time, and a belief in ourselves enough to want to grow into a better version of ourselves. Starting a new beginning means we know that we are not done yet, we are just beginning again. And ask anyone who has accomplished anything, getting started can be the hardest part; yet once those first few steps are taken, watch out! Life is happening and what was the end is a vital new beginning.

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