So Keep Dancing!

Ink on handmade paper – Words: Amy Poehler

We’ve all had that moment. The music starts, the crowd begins moving and everyone begins to dance. We either join the group, hesitate and join later, or stand back and hope no one notices we don’t want to dance. Depending upon the event and situation, any of those three responses is normal. What I like about this quote from Amy Poehler is that she encourages us to see that when we dance without caring what anyone else thinks, we can rule the world!

Maybe you don’t want to rule the world. Maybe you have different items on your want list. Maybe you have in your mind an exact picture of the kind of life you want and simply need the gumption to go out and get it. If you are that third example, I would encourage you to get up and start dancing, and stop worrying about what anyone else thinks. Part of being successful at getting what you want is to give something your all and keep doing just that no matter the comments, critics or self doubts. We have to get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Dancing makes a lot of us uncomfortable. Some people need liquid lubrication before they start moving. Others need to be amongst friends or family. Others wait for just the right music. And then there are others we will not dance under any circumstance for fear of looking stupid. To enjoy dancing, you have to get over the thought of looking stupid. That same thing applies to being successful. Not everyone will understand why, or how, or even understand what you are working towards. That’s okay, keep dancing. There will be criticism, giggles and ogling, don’t worry, keep dancing. As it often happens, once you begin to enjoy yourself you forget about what other people think.

Both success and dancing require that we move and keep moving no matter what is happening around us. Circumstances change, people around us come and go, and elements are often out of our control, so we need to keep working towards success and that means keep dancing. It all sounds easy until that awkward song plays and we have no idea of the beat or how to move, and our self consciousness kicks in, so we stop. And if we don’t get back on that dance floor soon, we may never dance again…so keep dancing, even if it just means tapping your toes. Do something and when another good song plays, out you go!

Hooray for the excited dancers, and the timid ones. They both end up enjoying the event in their own way, both are successful at keeping things moving, and both have fun. Success happens when opportunity and preparedness meet. It isn’t always the way we want, or the music we like, yet we have to keep going to get where we want to go…so keep dancing!

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