It’s About Attitude and Action

Ink on Pastel Paper – Words: Benjamin Franklin

If you read my post from two days ago, you would remember that I am a big Benjamin Franklin fan. Here is another great reminder from good ole’ Ben about attitude and handling life. I must admit that the first age reference – twenty-five – puts me a little on guard, as I have nieces and nephews fast approaching that age. And to think they may already be giving up on adventures, challenges, building a life seems insane. That is when I reminded my self that people lived life much more quickly in Benjamin Franklin’s time, so by the time someone was twenty-five they were our version of middle age.

Some people die at twenty-five and aren’t buried until they are seventy-five.

– Benjamin Franklin

That being said, I know these people. The ones who have built a life and never veer far from the path. They are simply waiting for time to pass. Each day is the same, their attitude about things is the same and they seem to be okay with it all. Doing something different, unplanned or out of their routine comfort zone is not only unthinkable it is absurd. If it ain’t broke why fix it…problem is they have no idea that they already have one foot in the grave. And that seems to be just the way they want it.

So what is the alternative? We can’t live everyday jumping out of airplanes or floating aloft in hot air balloons. Those are grand adventures and yet somehow there needs to be a better mix. That is where attitude and action come into play. No one says life is one big party until we die, and no one said we had to sit and wait like a bump on a log for death to arrive. When we live life – really savor and enjoy it – we treat everyday like an adventure. New things happen all the time and being open to them is part of living life to the fullest. Maybe it is that next project at work, something on the home front, or even a chance to learn to do something you have always wanted to learn. Whatever it is, being open to options, variety and taking on new skills is what gives us a reason to get up in the morning. Motion is lotion and without it we grow stale and die early. Benjamin Franklin knew that and continued to live a rather full and proactive life for many decades.

So today when someone asks you what’s new, let’s hope you have the attitude and mindset for action to jump right in and have some fun. Being true to yourself doesn’t mean nothing changes, it means we keep growing and changing to become the best version of ourself possible. Build a life such that when you do reach the end people will know you were filled with joy, energy and loved to learn.

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