Find Out and Get Busy

Ink on Card Stock – Words: Ralph Lauren

We had a beautiful day today in North Georgia, which meant we had fun working out on our property. Weeding, planting, mowing, clearing, blowing. All chores or tasks we do to keep our place looking wonderful. It is a lot of hard work, and hard work that grows back and keeps growing back which means we have to keep doing it. Yet that moment sitting on the front porch enjoying the beauty and serenity makes the hard work worth it all.

Not everyone agrees. I have friends who hate being outside, hate sweating and hate any form of manual labor. When they come to visit they admire our place and comment about how beautiful it all is…which is why this quote seemed appropriate after all our hard work. Nothing nice ever comes without someone doing a lot of hard work.

Now, not all hard work involves sweating, lifting, or weeding. Hard work happens in restaurants, offices, stores, down the street and in most any place where business is transacted. We need to be reminded that hard work is a good thing, a great joy, and it provides us with great satisfaction in a job well done. When we choose to forgo the effort and time consuming tasks, we are also choosing to forgo the benefits and nice thangs that come after the work is done. In other words, want a better life, expect there to be hours and hours of hard work. Want to avoid hard work, then expect to have less than you want out of life.

The most successful people I know work very hard. They work smart, they leverage talent and they are strategic about where they spend their time. They understand that anything worth getting is worth the effort and hard work it takes to obtain it. And yes, tomorrow and next week will mean more hard work for us on our property…and all summer and Fall we will reap the beauty and benefits while we enjoy our views and wonderful spaces. What do you want bad enough to work hard for it? If you know, then get busy. If you don’t know, then go find out and then get busy!

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