Big Ideas Often Come in Small Packages

Ink on scrap paper – Words: Napoleon Hill

So much of our life is spent searching for ourselves, open doors and opportunities to make our world better. We look high and low, far and wide not realizing that our next big opportunity may be right where we are now! It could be staring us in the face and we can’t see it because we keep looking for a certain something not the thing that is right in front of us.

That would be too easy, too simple, too ordinary. Sometimes we want a great story about “how” we made it (in whatever it is we want ‘it’ to be). We know it is out there, maybe not realizing it could sitting on a shelf in our living room, right in front of our nose. A great story would be more dramatic, more exciting, more creative than finding our chance in our already existing life. And yet some of the best success stories out there are the ones about people who saw a need, filled it, and then did the same thing for everyone else.

So what makes the people who turned the ordinary into the extraordinary different from us? Well, they saw the same opportunity as us, dared to believe that other people had the same problem, and were willing to put in the work. They turned belief into action, often quietly and consistently, and as time passed their hard work turned into the opportunity of a lifetime. I think we are presented with options, opportunities, ideas and problems all the time. We think about them then let them slip through our hands because we are not ready, or don’t want to have to change or work that hard, or other areas of our life crowd the opportunity out.

Opportunities require us to change, grow, and move forward which may also mean leaving other things in our life behind. In order to move quickly we cannot always fit everything into our bag, some things need to be left behind. That can be painful, scary, even daunting. It means daring to believe that the unknown has the power to provide more in the future than we can see clearly today. It is a risk, and one we want badly just may not be ready to see.

Think hard, be clear about what you want in your next opportunity, and be willing to look at ideas you already have or problems you are already solving. Big ideas often come in small packages. We have to be willing to “see’ our next big opportunity even if today it doesn’t look that big.

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