Face Those Choices More Often Than Before

Ink & Gel pen on Rice Paper – Words: William James

We are today the beneficiaries of new ideas – cell phones, SUVs, the internet, online banking, streaming channels and electronic devices. We have become so accustomed to using these miracles that we have forgotten what life was like before they existed. Remember phone books, phones with long cords, television without reruns, or even life before the microwave?

I remember the Christmas when my Mom got a microwave, it took up the entire counter. How fabulous it was to heat things up in seconds or a few minutes instead of having to warm up the oven. We had to learn that bread did not need three minutes to get warm, and that eggs would blow up if cooked too long, so we adapted and now do those things without even thinking.

All new ideas need time for people to adjust to their impact. We need time to learn and change and grow beyond our current thought processes. And we need to allow time for others to adjust and change as well. Sometimes we are the instigator of change and other times we are the object of change. Either way we have to be willing to leave behind what was and embrace what is coming. That can be hard and sad when we so dearly love our current way of living.

I must admit I do not always embrace every change that comes along. I do many things “old school” for a variety of reasons. I also know I am forgoing the benefits of the new way and am okay with that. I work to make sure my lack of change does not inhibit someone else from embracing the new way of doing things.

I’m sitting in a Drs office. I am the youngest one here by several decades. Four people are on their phones, three have hard cover books, and one man is reading the newspaper – an actual paper. Only two of us are wearing masks. It is a little sample of the power of change, a great example that people can change and some won’t. We all have a choice about what we want to do, what we are willing to do and what we choose never to give up. And with the way things are going we will all have to face those choices more often than before. Life changes in an instant and we can either choose to keep up or stick to what we know. Needless to say, life is all about change.

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