I Need to Stop the Madness Now..

Opaque ink on Card Stock – Words: unknown

We all know people who run towards drama in their lives like a dog runs towards food. It is their lifeline, their joy, their reason for living…or at least it seems that way. Every single area of their life seems to be filled with situations where drama, emotions, victimhood and over played actions abound! And of course they had nothing to do with it, no responsibility at all and they are waiting for someone else to clean it up, fess up, or make their lives right. Wow! C’mon, you know these people…or maybe you are one of these people?

When I read this quote I knew exactly who in my sphere of influence lives with drama within all three of these parameters. If it is not there they will create it, invite it in, or hang with people who also live very drama filled lives. Now let’s face it, we all have dramatic portions or situations in life, that’s kind of what life is all about. The difference is dealing with the drama then letting it go To get back to stable state, instead of creating more frenzy once this session has reached a conclusion. There are people who are addicted to drama and usually have no clue what a drama free life feels like. It is as if they cannot function unless something dramatic, tense or catastrophic is going on in their day.

I look back and can see timeframes where I had drama, lived in drama mostly due to who was in my life, and how I extracted myself from those situations. There is nothing wrong with drama in life, it happens. The challenge is when we only seem to be able to function that way in most areas of our life. Living in a constant state of turmoil, happenstance, panic, confusion, emotional tension and even financial woes eventually costs us dearly. We lose time, our balance, our ability to have perspective, our peace, our sanity and eventually we lose relationships. Most people cannot function for very long within the state of constant strife and emotional wreckage, and are challenged to maintain relationships with those who do.

C’mon, admit it. You know these people. They are relatives, friends, colleagues, community members or your neighbors. When you see them heading towards you, you gulp because you know what is coming. And when they walk away – after assaulting you with their wake of high tide emotional stories – you breathe a sigh of relief and want to sit in a room of silence. My heart goes out to these victims of their own choices because I am not sure they understand that in all of it they have an option to behave and think differently. For who is telling them that this is okay? Where did they learn to create drama in everything? Let’s face it, somewhere along the line they got attention and liked it…so they kept doing it, cause it works for them.

Heavy sigh! My shoulders are hunched, by back is stiff, and I can feel my heart beating faster just writing about drama. Wow! When I encounter these poor dramatic souls, I listen. That is my gift to them, to listen. When their actions change I am then able to provide moral support as they choose to make better choices. Until then, my offer of assistance only sucks me in and leaves me emotionally flattened. That may sound harsh, yet it is how I have learned in my own life to cancel out the drama; choose differently and life will be different. Make the same choices as the ones that got you where you are and you will always have the same drama you have now. I need to stop the madness now and go be quite…maybe you do too!

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