Apply Your Patient Attention

Scrap Gel Print Paper and ink on Black Card Stock – Words: Sir Isaac Newton

I pulled this gel print scrap in the shape of a circle out of my scrap box. I liked it yet had no idea what to do with it. When that happens, I go to the books. I open my quote books and begin reading random quotes until something tickles my creativity. These words from Sir Isaac Newton made me think, and that’s when my creative juices started flowing.

If I have ever made any valuable discoveries, it has been owing more to patient attention than to any other talent.

– Sir Isaac Newton

For the man who named the law of gravity and truly understood what it meant, to then say that “patient attention” was more important than any of his discoveries- holy cow! It made me think about how I pay attention to things around me. In my house, in my work, in my surroundings, even in my own behaviors. All too often we move from activity to activity never taking the time or patience to see how all the pieces fit together or even if they fit together. We make lists and reminders, notes in our electronic calendars and even wear watches and carry phones that ping us when the next thing needs our attention.

It is when I am quiet, with no phone or tablet that I am most patient it’s myself, life and others. It is when I give my brain room to breathe and clear that I can make solid decisions on which I am willing to hang my hat. And when I am quiet is the time that my thoughts and ideas are best able to process through whatever is going on at the time, enough that I can move forward in confidence and joy.

Sir Isaac Newton sat under a tree and was hit on the head when an apple fell to the ground. That is the moment when he thought long and hard, applied his patient attention to what just happened, and then changed the world. We might be amazed that an apple had that impact, when in reality it was sitting still that made all the difference. Take time today to apply your own patient attention by sitting still, who knows you may discover something to change your world.

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