It is Worth Being Intentional, just ask Martha

Ink on Scrap Note Card – Words: Martha Graham

She was a modern dancer and choreographer who had a style that changed dance forever. She taught for over seventy years and her technique reshaped modern dance, so much so that it is still being taught today. Martha Graham reminds us in these words that every moment, EVERY moment is worth it. If we are not careful they slip away unnoticed and unused.

I think it is fabulous that a choreographer thinks about every moment. It is probably why her technique and style transcend all boundaries, and why her performances impacted audiences and dancers across the globe. She was intentional, determined and very thoughtful in everything she did. It sounds exhausting and yet for Martha Graham it was her way of life. To her life was important and not something to be taken for granted or to let slip away.

We want to THINK we live intentional lives when in reality we live lives that have intentional portions, moments, or even activities. When we live intentionally we focus and make decisions that support our overall goal or mindset and let the rest fall away. To live that way we have to choose everyday to be and do what we know is most important. It means being okay with saying no, not now, not me, not mine and investing ourselves in the items which make our world work. Not everyone understands people who live this way. They are described as intense, rigid, self focused and often troublesome as they do not always do what everyone else does. And yet when we look at their lives over a long span of time – like seventy years of choreography – we cannot help but see the excellence and impact they had by living intentionally.

Living an intentional life, what would that look like for your world? How would your day, your career, your home and your own interests change for the better if you lived more intentionally? I think this is something worth thinking and doing, and implementing instead of just letting the idea slip away once you finish reading this post. #Justsaying!

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