A True Heart and Selfless Motives

Rice paper, Sumi & Gel Pen on Mixed Media Paper – Words: Goethe

It is an amazing gift to be able to be of service to others. Be it professionally in your career, to your community or to your family and friends. Something happens when we are able to freely give ourselves and our gifts to make the lives of others better.

Then there are the days when we have challenges just being ourselves, let alone serving others. The down days, the dark days, the mornings when we would rather roll over than roll out. The Friday afternoons when we are spent or the Monday mornings when a new week feels like a zombie apocalypse. These are the days when we might be better served to focus on giving ourselves time and attention. We are not good to anyone else when we do not take care of ourselves. It may feel selfish or self centered, yet in reality it is the best use of our energy. Lowering our gear in order to refresh and renew ourselves refills our own cup, and we cannot give to others from an empty cup.

One other thing to think about, in what area do you want to give and serve others? There are an enormous variety of options out there, we simply have to pick and choose according to our gifts, our passions and our abilities. Success in giving is not measured by numbers or metrics, it is measured by how we have enhanced the life of one person at a time. The ripples of our kindness, generosity and giving will still flow no matter how big or small our contribution. Simple or grand, giving and serving are best done when our hearts are right and our ego is left at home.

As we head further into this year, make plans to give of yourself. Give often, give generously AND be sure to take care of yourself in the process. The most useful giver is the one that does it with a true heart and self-less motives.

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