Having an End is Just the Beginning

Ink on Mixed Media Paper – Words: Ernest Hemingway

I was taking with a client this week and the topic of life’s journey filtered into our conversation. We all joked about the ups and downs of being a human, an adult, even just living day to day. Then I asked the group if they can remember a time they NEVER thought they would survive? And if yes, now that that time had passed, what do they think? It was amazing that everyone did the same thing. All their faces were covered with a blank stare as they worked to remember, then once the thought hit their mind you could see their expression change. I then asked them to share a high level lessons learned from their journey. It was amazing and enlightening to hear about what each one had gained.

The experiences were all different, yet the lessons were generally focused around courage, strength and their ability to live past what felt like horrible days. Looking back everyone noted that what they lived past made them a better person. So in the end it was the journey that mattered not the situation. I think we forget that during the tough times and also neglect to remind ourselves that it was those tough times that made us who we are today.

We all want to help, support and build up the people we know and love. We want to be there during their tough days. And it is our human instinct to want to remove the bad and bring in the good. We need to be cautious when we desire that, we may indirectly rob them of their greatest lessons if we take away the hard and make it all easy. Days filled with rainbows and butterflies are amazing, yet they do not often teach us our most important life lessons. It is the struggle that builds us up, makes us stronger. It is the days we never think we will survive that help us understand our own selves and become better resources for others in the future. It is the journey not the situation that will endure. Bad days come and go, and will come again. Good days come and go, and we hope we count more good days rather than bad days.

Just wanted to remind you that whatever it is you are experiencing right now, this too shall pass. If it’s good, if it’s bad, this too shall pass and you will be better for it. Goals, milestones and to do items come and go, it is the journey that IS the most important thing once it all ends.

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