Find a REALLY Good Book

Ink on Pastel Paper – Words: Ray Bradbury

There are sooo many options out there for entertaining ourselves that many of us have forgotten about books. Be it electronically or an actual bound book, the time spent reading changes us. We have pod casts, streaming services, social media video spots and even electronic formats, however there is nothing like reading a good book. Be it adventure, history, romance or mysteries, books open the door for us to be anyone, at any time, and we can do anything. We do not have to watch someone else, we have the power to imagine ourselves doing daring and amazing things, simply by reading a book.

With more access to publishing for anyone, we can all write a book, publish it and get it on Amazon for sale. The stories we could tell and then read are endless. The only thing holding us back is imagination and time to put our ideas together. For our culture to survive and thrive we need to be sure to instill in our people a love of reading. Without it we stunt our imaginations and prevent our great ideas from seeing the light of day.

So on that note I am going to be brief in my post, to encourage you to put away your device and find a REALLY good book to read. No matter what you choose it will not be time wasted.

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