Get Started Giving

Ink on Mixed Media Paper – Words: Anne Frank

There is an unfortunate belief that if we give something away it means we have less. When I read these words from Anne Frank I was reminded about how the ‘giving results in less mindset’ is so untrue. I lived out an example this weekend. We had family visiting and they like plants. They do not have many plants and right now don’t have the money to go out and buy a bunch of plants. I have plants that are root bound, so I suggested we divide and repot a few of my plants so they could take some home. It was a fun project, they learned about how to repot and divide plants AND we all won. In the end I will actually end up with more plants and mine grow and refill their pots over the next few years.

I believe and have experienced that when we give we actually end up with more. It may not make mathematical sense or be a provable law of physics, yet it is true. Be it time, energy, money, tangible items, or even our ideas giving ourselves and our stuff away multiples exponentially. It may not always come back in the same form, yet abundance always comes back.

The opposite is also true. When we withhold, hoard or even live in fear of losing out somehow things begin to shrink. It is as if holding on too tight smothers or contracts the abundance the universe wants us to experience. The anxiety of not having because we can’t see the future blocks the blessings heading down the road for us in the future. When we give up the fear of losing and instead live within a mindset of giving the stage has been set for more to flow, and keep flowing. Sort of like repotting plants. Give three out of four away and within a period of time you have five or six. With a little watering, a little fertilizer, and patience abundance shows back up at your doorstep.

Maybe today is the day you need to step out from behind that mindset of giving means having less and believe the opposite. Open the doors and set the stage for your giving to transform your world in ways you never imagined. It takes time to get used to it, and don’t try to keep score. I believe you cannot out give and to experience that you first have to get started giving.

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