CMC: Episode 3 – A Global Pandemic

Another View of a Global Pandemic

This bag – tools, words, paper and time limit – was built by my niece Michelle. She is a smart, crafty one and added a bit of fun to the mix. Watch the video (and like it please) to see what fun she brought my way. Like the words she asked me to write this prompt was full of surprises.

Let’s talk about over twenty months of a global pandemic. Ridiculous or what?!? We have lived through the good the bad and the ugly. The good part is that we have learned lessons about what we value and how we make choices. We’ve taken a renewed look at where we live, how we live and how we treat those we love. We have changed the way we work and had the opportunity to refresh our perspective on why we do what we do. Our family, our homes and our overall life goals have all been adjusted.

The bad news is that this pandemic has isolated us from other people. We have been forced to stand off, stay away and live in fear. The chance that we might infect or be infected has stunted our relationships, our emotional intelligence and kept us at a distance from deepening our relationships. Alone was mandated when none of us are very good without people, we might prefer to be alone at times and yet none of us can survive without others in our life.

The ugly, well that list is the longest of all. We have labeled, mocked and criticized others for what they have or have not done. We have minimized our national work ethic and downplayed the role of people in our lives. The news is filled with horror stories to wield us into compliance for things we may or may not support, and our freedoms have been minimized without us even squawking. We let an invisible germ change our lives forever.

And after all that, we are still experiencing many versions of the global pandemic with little end in sight. There is hope though, there is always hope. When we look back on the changes in our culture, our children and our relationships let us hope that the end result – how we have changed for the better – will be positive movement. In these end of year days let us give ourselves and those in our lives the wonderful gift of joy, laughter and camaraderie even if it is once again via Zoom.

Thank you Michelle for a twist in your bag…ho, ho, ho!

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