CMC: Episode 2 – Being Strong & Courageous

This is the second video in my CMC series…where family members put words, tools, paper and a time limit in a bag. Once I open the bag my challenge starts. What I find fascinating is what people choose to put into their “bag”! This conglomeration was put together by my sister-in-law. She chose papers with her favorite color purple and included a piece of glass as she is a mosaic artist. Her chosen text is about being strong…

You never know how strong you are until strong is the only choice you have

– Cayla Mills

My sister-in-law has experienced some health challenges this past year and is working very hard to regain her strength. As I read this quote I was reminded that we never truly know what someone is experiencing in their own world. We live our lives thinking we understand and know how people feel, and yet until we walk a mile in their moccasins we are truly unaware of how they must be living day to day.

It can be easy to be strong for a short period of time. Bursts of courage and strength come easier than playing strong for the long haul. Health challenges will wear you out, wear you down, diminish your mental and physical disposition until each day feels worse than the last. And that is when courage needs to kick in, charge you up, make you take that one next step and keep moving.

Being strong means putting your courage, energy and thoughts towards whatever it is you are fighting. It means focusing on the long term not just the little nagging elements of life. Strong means having the energy to focus everyday on each day – one at a time – until before you know it a year of more has passed. Strong means taking time back, using it the way you want AND living the life you choose. And strong means making decisions for your best self and not apologizing to anyone. Being strong I a choice, a habit and a mindset.

Let us cheer for the people in our lives who are being strong and courageous. They inspire us to be better, use our time wisely AND to value each day as a gift not just something to get through. Let us give thanks for our health as when you have it you have everything you need to live a happy life. Thank you Laura for sharing this quote and putting these items into your “bag”

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