Get Over It and Get Out There

Sometimes I look at the piles of my work and wonder what else I can do with it all? My nephew and niece bought a glow forge and broadened my horizons. The piece on the left is the original I sent them, the right is the phone case I now carry which transformed my work into a real conversation starter. It is pretty cool to turn over my phone everyday and see a piece of my own work reflected Back at me…wow!

A friend and I went to a celebration South of town. We were the only people of our color there and it truly brought joy to my soul. We had a blast!!! It was freshening and eye opening to see how our end of town would have handled that same celebration and how this wonderful, generous group of people handled it. I was put to shame! I came home reminded that we live in a different world even from people only a couple hours away. Our world, thoughts and habits need to be adjusted in a BIG way.

How do these two things relate? It is all about perspective and sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know. It is not until someone else gives us the gift of a new experience, new ideas, new opportunities that we are able to see a new way of doing, living and being. Be it a cell phone case or a grand celebration either one can rock your world. The only way that rocking begins is admitting we don’t know it all AND being willing to be uncomfortable.

The uncomfortable only lasts for a while so get over it and got out there. Nothing changes if we only stay in what we know. There is a whole world out there waiting to be included in your thoughts and ideas and it will only bring you joy when you invite it in….speaking of new, check out tomorrow’s post as I am introducing a new featured topic!

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