Forward Movement is Better Than Nothing

Ink & Gel Pen on Pastel Paper – Words: Dirk Benedict

I spoke to a woman who had a strategy, she was waiting until things in her life settled down before she moved forward on what she really wants. I thought of this quote as I listened to her justify her inactivity. As I listened I heard her describing ALL the things that were going on, going wrong and how she needed them to stop in order to move forward. I listened some more. When she finally reached the end of her explanations I asked two simply questions. 1 – how long has she been putting what she wants on hold? 2 – what is preventing you from moving forward during all this?

She sat quietly for a while, I could tell she was processing that questions. After a long silence she told me she hadn’t thought about it much, just let the flow of life take her any direction hoping that it would all end soon. She then mentioned a number of years she had been waiting and then I saw her eyes open wider. Suddenly it hit her that she had been planning on action but waiting for something to change that may never change. She looked up and said. “Gulp!” It was that reaction that again reminded me of this quote.

Let’s face it, we’ve all done this. We have hoped and waited for the pieces of life to fall into place until we realize they never will. Life is messy, grungy, disorganized and will drive us to madness if we let it. All too often we let it. We give in and forget that we are a participant in life not a victim. If we do not choose to move forward then we are willingly giving into the passive path and making ourselves unimportant in our own life. Gulp!

The point of life is not to live it without mess, sorrow or difficulty. The point is to live in the midst of all that AS OUR BEST SELF, knowing that we will change and grow as our circumstances ebb and flow. If we wait, we lose. Which means no matter what is happening, we have to jump right into the fight and do what we can now. Time is ticking and waits for no one, so let’s get into that mess and do what we can even if it wears us out. Forward movement is better than nothing even if it doesn’t feel like much progress is happening. Maybe what is happening is going on inside for only you to know while the rest of the world sees madness and chaos. Movement is what matters, no matter what.

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