If Pooh Can Do It…

Ink and gel pen on pastel paper – Words: A.A. Milne

For the final prompt in our fifty week challenge we were asked to create something utilizing the wisdom of Winnie the Pooh. I found this quote and had great ideas about bright sunbeams, colorful reflections and then it hit me. The words uttered by this willy old, silly old bear are most charming because of their simplicity. Which meant no matter how elaborate my idea it could in no way enhance the meaning behind these words. So I went simple and found myself more pleased than I realized. Thank you Pooh.

We all have ideas of grandeur. We see big, elaborate and wonderful things that are possible when we are willing to go beyond where we are today. It never hurts to keep looking for sunshine in all things, even the ones that we think are hopeless. Our big ideas may scare us, keep us up at night, they might even stress us out…GOOD! That means we are thinking big, taking the chance to wrangle a little sunshine and we are pushing ourselves outside of our normal, everyday world. Nothing great happened because someone decided to wake up and be mediocre.

Big ideas demand big thinking. Big risk demands big courage. And big lives demand someone willing to do big things before anyone even knows who they are. Not everything we do has to be big, bold or fabulous. Sometimes our day only needs a little ray of sunshine to bring life into what is otherwise a pretty boring day. Brand gestures are incredible yet sometimes it is the little things, the simple things that make the greatest noise. Winnie the Pooh was a childhood toy that was a constant companion, a simple minded creature and showed love and friendship when everyone else gave up. Maybe your day today just needs you to chase a little sunshine and not give up…on yourself, your idea or that boring person in that same old meeting.

Let the wisdom of Winnie the Pooh be our guide today. Let simplicity guide us to grandeur with friendship and humility mixed into our honey. If Pooh can do it, we can too.

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