A Little Bit of a Shake Up

Ink & Gel Pen on Pastel Paper – Words: Andre Gide

Adventure, the frontiers of life where we grow and learn who we are and what we want. Be it the majestic views of the Grand Canyon or the quiet vistas of the dessert in early morning light, going and doing something new and different changes us. Adventure reminds us of who we were meant to be even when our daily life is wonderful and amazing. It refreshes us and brings back energy we thought we had lost. Seeing new places, doing new things pushes us back to our real self AND reminds us why we do what we do everyday.

Real life adventures could be as big or as small as going to a new store, eating at a different restaurant, trying out a new hairstyle or even rearranging the living room. Those don’t sound glamorous or exotic, yet they have the power to help us think and act differently. Real life adventures could mean finding a new job, asking for a promotion, taking a different route to a regular place or even daring to get up early and see what your town looks like at another time of day. Adventure can be anything you want it to be, as long as it takes you away from your daily routine AND helps awaken the joy, calm and energy inside your soul.

We all need to mix it up every once in a while. Routine is good until we find it hard to get outside that box. Until it stifles our inner child or our imagination to the point where we do things day another day and forget who we are or even what day it is. Daily life can feel like a grind, so real life adventures are an easy way to keep us growing, thinking and thankful for all that we have in our lives.

Life provides many adventures and yet sometimes we have to create our own. I am about to do just that! Starting next week I will be adding a new feature to this blog. I needed to mix things up for myself so I asked for a little assistance from family and friends in challenging me to test and build my skills. It’s time to think outside the box a bit, which is another of life’s great adventures, even if it is self imposed. I will reveal more on Monday December 13…so stay tuned! And be sure to go out and find or create your own real life adventures, you and your world are worth a little bit of a shake up.

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