Just Wait, It’s Coming

Ink on Pastel paper- Words: Julia Cameron

Darkness, not a word we want to face very often. It signifies many of the things we work so hard to avoid – fear, the unknown, feelings of loneliness or depression, sadness, horror, and even death. Darkness conjures up so many dense emotions that we often avoid it purely to keep all the bad things in life at bay.

We can’t have the good things in life without also facing the bad things in life. Sunshine is sweeter and more beautiful because it always follows and removes darkness. Light fills our days with joy and hope which makes everything better after hours and hours of darkness. And dry spells, blockages, or feeling empty seems to dissipate once the brightness of a new idea floods your mind with energy and insights. It is the darkness in things that makes the brightness that much brighter.

Artists may understand this better than most. Writers, painters, anyone who creates knows the awful feelings of emptiness without an idea or concept. Yet as this quote observes, all of life begins in darkness. Everything we know must move from the emptiness to the fullness by moving from one to the other. Slowly, intentionally, methodically or even haphazardly, all things exist only when life brings light and brilliance into the realm. Once that spark arrives everything is changed.

We must have the courage to move from the unknown into the potential in order for things to happen. That means being open to things changing, growing, or even being completely wiped out and replaced by something we never imagined. Life begins in the dark and grows into an amazing spectacle then continues that journey for the rest of our days.

Today you may need to be reminded that even if your days have been dark, light is somewhere on it’s way trying to get to your door. Maybe you are standing smack dab in a room filled with light, so share that with someone who may need a bit to bring them back into the realm of hope. Know that darkness is not the end, it is where the change happens, where the ideas grow, where transitions happen. It is only by appreciating the darkness and letting it do it’s job that we are able to transform and move into the light. Let your creative juices rest long enough to light a fire of ideas for your brain to run with. Know that darkness is a portion of your journey not the destination. Creativity is lurking, waiting to step out and bring with it joy, hope and ideas…just wait, it’s coming!

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